The Lap of Luxury and Horror

The case of the Thrice dead Man who still breaths...

Mehmet Makryat has died, three times. Inspector Dupond and Charles are investigating the strange case. The facts are as follows

  • Three men were slain, by knife to the heart it is believed, in their hotel rooms
  • All three men bare an uncanny near identical appearance to one another.
  • All three men had passports identifying them as Mehmet Makryat.
  • All three men have the same fingerprints.
  • All three men have the same personal effects.
  • All local shopkeepers and known associates of Mister Makryat don’t recognise the three men who were slain.
  • The hotel staff know Mister Makryat but not the three men.
  • Both Inspector Dupond and Charles saw Mister Makryat last night talking to a strangely foreign man.
  • Chelsea Arms Hotel has even number rooms on one side and odd on the other.
  • Chelsea Arms rooms have a small window, 3’ by 10’ near the bathroom.
  • Rooms were 3, 5 and 7 of the Chelsea Arms Hotel were where the three bodies were discovered.
  • All three rooms have odd blood splatter on the bed and sheets.
  • Rooms 3,5, and 7 all have strange sigils on the wall just above the bed at chest height.
  • This Sigil is more like a greasy stain on the wall.
  • Room 2 has a sigil in the same place as the other three rooms however, it is a different.
  • Room 2 has a mark on the back of the door similar to rooms 3, 5, and 7 however it almost looks more like a branding into the door.
  • Room two has more or less been on hold for Mehmet Makryat who frequents the hotel often doing business in the surrounding area.


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