Superintendent Barnes

Well old boy... Its a right, proper mystery it is then.


Superintendent Barnes an aging gentleman that walks stiffly from an old war wound. Dressed in a wool suit often gray or brown in color depending on the day and weather.

His hair is graying and thinning. His mustache is a fine silver think that hangs over his upper lip.

Often seen staring out his window to the small entrance of the station.


WW1 Veteran, Superintendent at Scotland Yard for Homocided.

He has worked many years on the force, worked on several international cases. Is an old friend of Retired Inspector Dupond. The two grew closer when they were near the same line and often in contact with each other.

Barnes fathered three children. Oldest son died at Versie. Youngest blames the father who came back without his older brother. Misses Barnes hasn’t really been the same since funeral. Barnes only daughter has taken a shine to an Irish Fellow.

Superintendent Barnes

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