Rina Strudwick

Oye! I don't tell you how to risk your fortune on the damn ponies, yet here I am dodging your bookie.


A tall and lanky woman, looks underfed and always a bit tired looking.

A mess of fiery red hair tries to peak out from under a head scarf.

Wears a typical, simple black dress with a apron with odd old stain that someone has spent time trying to remove. Sometimes were


Miss Strudwick can accurately be described as an angry Scotswoman who works for Charles. Often cleaning the house as well, providing cooking. The two have an “antagonistic” relationship built on mutual respect for one another. While Rita might make a great deal of fuse and noise she is faithful and honest to her employer often dodge his bookies and making sure they don’t come calling back for a while

Miss Strudwick also can develop film in the tiny blackroom on the property. In this capacity she helps Charles in his cases doing sort of gofer work for the short stature PI while taking some of the more detailed focused tasks freeing him for more “brick work.”

Rina Strudwick

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