Mehmet Makryat

The thrice dead man who everyone knows?


Man Dies Three Times in One Night

Three Bodies In Hotel. Each Man Carries Same Identity.

Three slain men were discovered last night in a London hotel, each bearing positive identifi cation as Mr. Mehmet Makryat, of Islington. Each had been stabbed through the heart.

Maids at the Chelsea Arms Hotel discovered the remains. The room also was registered in the name of Mr. Makryat.

Bona fi de papers identify the trio as one man, the Mr. Makryat who is a Turkish antique and art dealer doing business in this city. The victims bear superfi cial resemblances, and each had passed as Mr. Makryat since independently arriving in London three days ago. Confusingly, the real Mr. Makryat, or at least the man described by neighboring shopkeepers as Mr. Makryat, cannot be found. Police request that he come forth.

The passports of these Turkish nationals record independent world-wide travels foreach man over the past three years. Inspector Fleming of Scotland Yard is at a loss to describethe meaning of the bizarre mystery, but is eagerto converse with any other Mehmet Makryats still living.


Mehmet Makryat

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